Whatsapp Now Allows You to Join Group Calls Even After They’ve Started

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 19 Jul 2021

whatsapp join calls after start

WhatsApp is rolling out a new update that makes its group calls even better. Starting today, you’ll be able to join group video and audio calls on WhatsApp even after they’ve started. This means even if you don’t answer the call during the ring, you can join the call later on.

WhatsApp has been one of the main apps that have helped us connect during this pandemic. The company says that the number of video calls has increased manifolds over the course of last year. The company is now adding more features that make its video calls even better.

WhatsApp is rolling out joinable video and audio group calls from today. Now, even if you’ve missed the ring for a group call, you can join the call. A new ‘Join’ button will appear next to the video or audio call log tapping which will reveal the new WhatsApp call UI.

The new WhatsApp call UI is streamlined across iOS and Android devices now. Mute, speaker selection, turning on and turning off the video, switching cameras and end call buttons have shifted to the bottom bar now. You can also see who all have been ‘invited’ to the call and who all have ‘joined’ the call.

WhatsApp also added the ability to make audio and video calls on its desktop apps as well.


The company has also updated its FAQ section that reflects the new WhatsApp joinable calls feature. What are your thoughts on this feature? Let us know in the comments section below!

[Via Facebook]