WhatsApp Will Require Face ID or Touch ID Verification for Desktop Account Linking

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 28 Jan 2021

WhatsApp Biometric Authentication

WhatsApp has long allowed users to link their accounts with their desktop app. The process involved scanning a QR code to pair the desktop and mobile client. The company is now improving this pairing process by requiring biometric authentication from the user.

The next time you try to link your WhatsApp client on mobile with the desktop app or browser, you will have to verify your identity either via your fingerprint or Face ID after scanning the QR code. This is a welcome addition from a security viewpoint as it prevents anyone with malicious intent from linking your WhatsApp account with their desktop app.

WhatsApp is enabling this feature by default for iPhones running iOS 14. For Android devices also, this feature will be available by default provided they have some form of biometric authentication set up. If biometric authentication is not set up, users will be able to link WhatsApp with the desktop app or web browser by simply scanning the QR code.

WhatsApp will be using the system APIs in Android and iOS for offering this biometric authentication so your fingerprint or facial unlock data will not be shared with Facebook servers.

WhatsApp will complete the roll-out of this new feature for all its users over the coming weeks.

[Via The Verge]