WhatsApp Working on Native iPad App With Multi-Device Support

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 21 Aug 2021

WhatsApp for iPhone

WhatsApp has already confirmed that it is working on multi-device support and provided some information on how it would work. The feature will allow you to use WhatsApp on up to four devices simultaneously, even if your phone is offline. It looks like WhatsApp is also planning to add iPad support to its multi-device 2.0 feature.

As reported by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is working on multi-device 2.0, which will allow you to link your iPad to your WhatsApp account and chat directly on it. WhatsApp also plans to add support for Android devices with an update to its WhatsApp for Android app.

WhatsApp is working on a native new iPad app that will presumably be released once multi-device support goes live.

WhatsApp currently requires that the phone linked to your WhatsApp account remains online so that you can continue to receive WhatsApp messages on your PC. With multi-device support, this restriction will no longer be there, and you’ll be able to use WhatsApp simultaneously on up to four devices.

Below is how a WhatsApp spokesperson explained the feature:

“Multi-device means that users will have the same functionality that is available on the current public versions of WhatsApp Web, Desktop and Portal, just without the need to have your phone connected. Our multi-device capability immediately makes the experience better for people who use Desktop/Web and Portal. And it also will make it possible to add support for more kinds of devices over time.”

WhatsApp recently rolled out the ability to transfer WhatsApp chat history between iPhone and Android along with the ability to send ‘View Once’ photos and videos.