WhatsApp Working on New Storage Management Feature to Help Find Junk Files

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 25 Aug 2020

WhatsApp For iOS

WhatsApp is working on a new ‘Storage usage’ feature that will provide users with a breakdown of how various chats and media files are taking up space on their devices. The new feature will also let users know at a glance as to the amount of space that WhatsApp media is occupying on their device.

It will also contain sections for ‘Forwarded files’ and ‘Large files’ with the option to sort them according to their size. This will allow WhatsApp users to easily find and delete large junk files that are forwarded to them unnecessarily and take space on their device. The screenshot below gives us an idea of how the new Storage Usage feature will look like, though it is from an Android build of the app. WhatsApp is working on a similar feature for the iOS version of the app as well.

WhatsApp Storage usage section

Considering that WhatsApp chats end up taking a lot of space due to forwarded media files, the Storage Usage feature is going to be a useful addition to the app. WhatsApp is also working on a new ‘Clear all except starred messages’ option that will allow users to delete all messages in a chat except the starred ones.

All the features mentioned above are still under development and there’s no clarity on when WhatsApp will release them to the public. Do you use WhatsApp on a regular basis and do WhatsApp chats end up taking a lot of storage space on your phone? Do you think the addition of the Storage Usage feature in WhatsApp will be a useful one for you?