Which color iPad Pro should you buy – Gold, Silver or Space Gray?

BY Kelly Hodgkins

Published 9 Nov 2015

iPad Pro - heroFor several generations, the iPad Air and iPad mini have been available in three different color options — space gray, silver and gold. The iPad Pro continues this trend with the three color choices available at launch. Which one should you choose? Read on for some advice to help you select the right color for your iPad.

Color choices

The iPad Pro is available in Space gray, silver and gold. The Space gray option has a black front bezel and a dark gray aluminum black covering. The silver and gold models are similar in appearance — both feature a white front panel with a brushed aluminum backing. It’s the backing that differentiates the two models with the silver sporting a light silver backing and the gold shipping with a champagne colored casing.

iPad Pro color
Space Gray

Black is the preferred choice for users who watch media on their iPad or play games. Because of its dark coloring, the black bezel surrounding the screen really makes the colors of the video or game stand out. Black also is a great color for folks who use their iPad in less than clean situations as black is excellent at hiding dirt and grime.


Silver is very light in color with a white front panel and a light grey aluminum back. Because of its fair coloring, the silver model is great at hiding scratches and other deep blemishes. This ability to conceal superficial imperfections is a huge advantage, but it comes with a cost — white is notorious for showing off dirt.


Gold is very similar to silver in the color department – both models have a white front panel and light colored aluminum backing. As a result, the gold model conceals flaws while also showing off dirt. The gold was once championed for its exclusivity, but the color has been used in many Apple devices including the iPhone, Apple Watch and even the MacBook. Though no longer unique, it’ still a striking color that many people prefer.

What color will you choose?

If you are purchasing an iPad Pro, have you thought about your color choices? Which color will you pick and why? Let us know in the comments.

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