CES 2019: Withings Announces $129 Move Analog Smartwatch with ECG Feature

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 7 Jan 2019

Withings Move ECG

Kicking off CES 2019, Withings has announced a new analog smartwatch with ECG capability dubbed the Move ECG. The analog wearable promises a staggering 12 months of battery life and comes with an EKG sensor just like the Apple Watch Series 4.

Similar to the Apple Watch Series 4, one can take an ECG reading on the Move ECG by keeping their fingers on both sides of the bezels. The company has included two electrodes inside the rear of the device, while the third electrode is in the bezel. Apart from ECG, the Move ECG can also track steps and one’s activity and sleep level. All the data is stored and synced with the Withings Health Mate app.

There’s one catch with the Move ECG though — it lacks a heart rate scanner. That’s an odd omission but one that Withings likely had to make to keep the size of the analog wristwatch in check.

Withings is yet to receive FDA clearance for the EG feature of the Move ECG. However, this will not stop the company from selling the device to the public from the next quarter.

Withings will start selling the Move ECG for $129 in Q2 this year. It will also sell a non-ECG version of the Move with 18 months of battery life for $69.95. It will hit the market from early next month.

Apart from the Move and Move ECG, Withings also announced the stainless steel BPM Core which is a connected cuff that can take one’s blood pressure and ECG reading. The cuff shows the reading on its LED matrix display and its capable of identifying atrial fibrillation.

The connected health pressure monitor features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, with Withings claiming the BPM Core is the first blood pressure monitor to detect Valvular heart disease via its integrated digital stethoscope. Like the Move ECG, the BPM Core is still awaiting FDA clearance. It will go on sale in Q2, 2019 for $249.

[Via Withings]