You Can Now Preview WhatsApp Voice Messages before Sending Them

BY Chandraveer Mathur

Published 15 Dec 2021

Until now, you could review your voice messages on WhatsApp only after sending them. The instant messaging service has finally launched the ability to preview voice messages before they are sent.

Voice messages on WhatsApp were plagued by two inherent problems. One, background noise would make your voice in the message hard to discern when you send the messages from noisy environments, and you wouldn’t know until the recipient complains or you play it back yourself. Two, you might realize you could have rephrased your message to be more concise or exact, but you would already have sent it by then.

With the ability to review voice messages before sending them, you can avoid inconveniencing the recipient with bad audio and lengthy messages that could have been shorter.

However, note that by default, WhatsApp will still send a voice message immediately after you release the record button. If you tap and hold the record button (mic icon) and drag it up to enter hands-free mode, you will have the option to delete the message while recording (by pressing the trashcan icon) or stop the recording by pressing the stop button.

Once you stop the recording, you can use the play button to listen to your message before it is sent.

Besides this, WhatsApp is also developing several features for launch in the future, including support for iPad, the ability to hide last seen status from specific contacts, a new community feature, WhatsApp logout, the ability to view Instagram reels on WhatsApp, and WhatsApp Insurance.

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