Video: 1Password Beta shows how iOS 8’s Extensions and Touch ID will work in Apps

BY Gautam Prabhu

Published 1 Jul 2014

iOS 8 logoiOS 8 includes more than 4000 new APIs for developers, which is expected to significantly improve the user experience in apps.

AgileBits recently launched a beta version of 1Password, their popular password management app to developers which takes advantage of the new iOS 8 APIs. 

The update includes new features such as support for Touch ID and custom actions thanks to the new APIs introduced in iOS 8.

1Password for iOS 8 will allow users to use Touch ID to unlock the app’s master password, and will also allow users to use custom actions available in the share sheet to enter the password directly in mobile Safari.

This should significantly improve the user experience, as you won’t have to manually enter the master password, and you will be able use 1Password to supply password to mobile Safari using the Safari extension instead of using the in-app browser which wasn’t the best user experience as you either had to switch to 1Password to login to a secure website that needed login details saved in the app or you had to copy and paste the password.

Gabriel Nevado of Mac Generation has shared two Vine videos which shows how the Touch ID and Safari extensions will work in 1Password for iOS 8:

I am extremely excited about iOS 8’s App Extensions, and can’t wait for iOS 8 to be released to the public so that developers can release apps with these features.

Do you use 1Password? Let me know what do you think about these iOS 8 features in the comments below.