Access hidden Internal Settings in iOS 8 with AdvancedSettings8 [Jailbreak Tweak]

BY Ali Hassan Mahdi

Published 6 Dec 2014


There are tons of tweaks on Cydia that provide users with access to Apple’s hidden internal settings such as DetailedBatteryUsage. AdvancedSettings8 is another addition to the group that allows you to access the internal settings of iOS 8 that Apple normally hides from the average user.

It provides tons of settings, most of which are dedicated to advanced users rather than a normal user who’d use the device just to listen to music, make phone calls and other normal stuffs. But this is the reason why the advanced settings menu has remained hidden until now.

After installing the tweak, to gain access to AdvancedSettings8 interface, all you have to do is go to the Home screen and tap and hold on the Settings icon to open it. Normally, this causes the icons to wiggle to arrange or delete them, but with the tweak installed, it will open up iOS 8’s secret internal settings instead.

When the tweak’s interface pops up, you’ll notice a long list of settings related to different parts of iOS 8 ranging from Parallax and folder settings to Control Center and AirPlay. But that’s not all, within each of these sections lays tons of configurations you can make.

The most interesting section is the folders section which enables nested folders and the pinch to close feature. You’ll also find two buttons at the end of the tweak’s interface that let you restore to the previous settings as well as revert back to the default settings in case you messed up the configurations.


AdvancedSettings8 also comes with a dedicated preference pane in the stock Settings app that allows you to enable or disable the tweak on demand. You can watch the video demo to see it action:

I don’t know how useful this tweak will be to a normal user, but if you’re interested to give it a try and see what the story is all about, head to Cydia now and install AdvancedSettings8 for free.

What do you think of AdvancedSettings8? Is there any section of the hidden settings menu that you find useful? Sound off in the comments section below.

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