AirPods 2 to Come With Apple Pencil 2-like Surface Coating, Fast Wireless Charging

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 3 Mar 2019

The latest leak surrounding the AirPods 2 point to the wireless buds coming with fast charging technology. The AirPods case and the AirPods themselves will charge wirelessly from 0-100 percent in just 15 minutes.

There’s a downside to this fast charging support though. The case is going to be heavier and slightly bigger in one direction. It will also be Qi compatible and work with all third-party Qi wireless chargers as well.

While a charging time of 15 minutes for 0-100% is definitely fast, I am not entirely sure this leak accurate. What is possible is that the AirPods 2 will come with fast wireless charging and it would be capable of charging the earbuds to ensure it lasts a few additional hours after just 5-10 minutes of charging.

Charging a battery rapidly from 0-100 percent rapidly is not good for its longevity and that’s why almost all fast charging solutions in the market end up trickle charging after crossing the 85-90 percent mark.

AirPods 2 will also feature a new surface coating similar to the Apple Pencil 2. This textured matte finish will help improve the overall fit of the AirPods 2 in one’s ear.

With AirPods 2 rumors picking up pace, it is likely that we will see Apple unveil the earbuds and put it on sale by the end of this month. There’s a rumor of Apple holding a media event on March 25, with the AirPods 2 then going on sale on March 29.