iOS 16.4 Code Reveals Upcoming AirPods, Charging Case, and Beats Studio Buds+

BY Sriansh

Published 21 Mar 2023

Image of the Beats Studio Buds+ extracted from the iOS 16.4 RC build

Apple released iOS 16.4 to the developers earlier today. Interestingly, the code of iOS 16.4 includes references to unannounced Apple AirPods and Beats Studio Buds+ earphones. 

The code reveals that Apple is developing an upgraded version of the Beats Studio Buds, called the Beats Studio Buds+ (via 9to5Mac). According to the leak, the Beats Studio Buds+ will look (more or less) the same as the original Beats Studio Buds, but it will feature a proprietary chip that will enable features such as audio sharing, automatic device switching, and Hey Siri.

While it won’t feature a dedicated Apple H1/W1 chip, these features will make the Beats Studio Buds+ almost identical to the AirPods. The image of the Beats Studio Buds+ extracted from the iOS 16.4 RC build indicates that they will come in a new black color with gold details. Like the original Beats Studio Buds, the newer version will also feature a physical button for media controls and to switch between ANC modes.

AirPods Lite On The Way?

Along with the Beats Studio Buds+, the code has also revealed references to new AirPods. The iOS 16.4 code includes references to AirPods model number A3048 and case A2968. Although there is no further information about the new AirPods, it is speculated that they could be the rumored budget-friendly AirPods Lite or even a new version of AirPods Max.

At this time, there has been no official announcement from Apple regarding the release of the new AirPods or Beats Studio Buds+. However, the fact that references to these products were found in the iOS 16.4 code suggests that they could be launched in the near future. Would you be interested in buying the new Beats Studio Buds+? Let us know in the comments section below!

Source: 9to5Mac