Follow This Trick to Get Your Dead AirPods Replaced for Lesser Price

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 8 Oct 2019

AirPods 2Apple currently doesn’t offer battery replacement for AirPods. This means you may have to buy a new pair of AirPods if your battery has run their course. Now it has come to light that you can get the batteries serviced at Apple Service center, however, you need to say a magic word for this (Hint it is not Abracadabra!).

As explained earlier, batteries on AirPods are not designed to be replaced. However, Apple offers to replace the batteries on AirPods and this costs $138. Needless to say, one would buy a new AirPod for $159. So here is the trick, AirPods service, and repair document mentions a “battery service” for $49 per AirPod ($98 for a pair). Next time you head out to get AirPods battery replaced simply say “battery service.” Considering that batteries in your case still have some juice left in them, you can get the service done for AirPods battery.

Apple doesn’t seem to have any tool by which they can check AirPods battery health neither do they know the expected life span or the charge cycles. Typically, Apple mentions the charge cycles and other battery details for almost all of its devices.

“AirPods are built to be long-lasting,” said Apple spokeswoman Lori Lodes, without specifics.”

Furthermore, if your AirPods suffer from a manufacturing defect then Apple will replace it free of cost. Of course, the AirPods needs to be under warranty. The company warranty covers defective battery but doesn’t cover wear from normal use. If you are planning to buy AirPods anytime soon, then it makes sense to pick up AppleCare for an extra $29. This way Apple will take care of your AirPods for two years.

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