Apple Publishes ‘Use Your AirPods’ Guide for New Owners

BY Evan Selleck

Published 13 Dec 2016

iPhone 7 with AirPods

Today, Apple officially launched its AirPods truly wireless earphones, following a substantial delay since October.

But, with new owners about to be out in the wild, Apple has seen fit to publish a guide on how to get started with the AirPods, as well as a few other key elements to know when owners get to equip their wireless earphones. The AirPods will go on sale in Apple retail stores, and other authorized outlets, beginning next week — just in time for initial online orders to start arriving as well.

The publisher guide includes a variety of different topics:

  • Before You Begin
  • Use Your iPhone to Set Up Your AirPods
  • Listen With Your AirPods
  • Double-Tap to Use Siri or Use The Phone
  • Charge Your AirPods and Case
  • Set Up Your AirPods With Other Devices
  • If You Can’t Set Up Your AirPods

Each section has enough information to help customers that may need it, or simply as a reference point after they finally get their AirPods in their hands. There are also individual landing pages for charging the AirPods and “adjusting the features” of the AirPods:

Did you already order your AirPods, or do you plan on picking them up in a store next week?

[via Apple]