Apple Files Trademark for Potential Names of its Mixed Reality Headset

BY Dave Johnson

Published 29 Aug 2022

Mixed-Reality Headset

Apple has started the trademark filing process of various reality-related names as it prepares to unveil its first mixed-reality headset. 

Apple’s interest in using the “Reality” branding to introduce its first AR headset device is no secret.

In 2017, a Bloomberg report indicated that the tech giant was working on realityOS or rOS for the upcoming device. Two years later, Apple published RealityKit, a framework to help developers create augmented reality experiences.

Now it seems the tech giant is staking a claim on more reality-related names.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple has applied for “Reality One,” “Reality Pro,” and “Reality Processor” trademarks. Besides the United States, the tech giant filed the patent application across the EU, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Costa Rica, and Uruguay. 

With that said, Gurman pointed out that Apple itself did not make the filing. Instead, the company relied on third parties to help secure the brand names. 

The report reads

“Though Apple itself didn’t make the filings, they follow a pattern that the iPhone maker has used in the past—including relying on law firms that the company has previously enlisted to lock down brands.”

Reality One, Reality Pro, and Reality Processor: What’s in a Name? 

According to 9to5Mac, the Reality One name suggests that the mixed-reality headset would be the first in the new Apple product category. 

On the other hand, Reality Pro is expected to be the high-end AR headset with a $2,000 price tag and a bevy of features. These include two super high-resolution displays along with several cameras and sensors. 

Expectedly, the Reality Processor would refer to the custom Apple silicon that’ll power the device. The M2-like chip will reportedly work alongside a special coprocessor to manage the headset’s image pipeline. 

So when can we expect Apple to launch its first AR headset? 

Well, it’s unclear at the moment. However, Apple Analyst Ming-Ching Quo said Apple could launch the headset as early as January 2023.