Apple: iOS 16.1.1 Update to Fix Advertising Framework-Related Issue

BY Dave Johnson

Published 8 Nov 2022

iOS 16.1.1

Apple will reportedly release an iOS 16.1.1 update in the next two weeks to fix an issue with SKAdNetwork, its advertising framework. 

SKAdNetwork is a framework that allows advertisers to measure their ads’ performance by attributing app installation to specific campaigns. In other words, it tracks how many users installed an app after viewing a particular advertisement. 

The documentation reads

 “The SKAdNetwork API lets advertisers measure the success of advertisements by attributing app installations to specific ad campaigns — all while maintaining user privacy. It supports multiple ad formats, including static images, videos, audio, and interactive ads.”

Earlier today, Apple’s system status page indicated that an issue with the SKAdNetwork on iOS 16.1 began on November 3. However, the tech giant is currently working to solve the problem. 

“There is an issue impacting SKAdNetwork for users on iOS 16.1,” says Apple. “We are working to quickly resolve this issue in a software update.”

Apple released iOS 16.1 two weeks ago alongside the SKAdNetwork 4.0. Besides providing more performance insight, the latest version of the advertising framework offers more support for web ads, among other improvements. 

Luckily, Apple should roll out an iOS update to fix the bug soon. 

iOS 16.1.1 Currently Undergoing Internal Testing

According to 9To5Mac, Apple is currently testing iOS 16.1.1 internally, and it should launch in the next two weeks. 

It’s worth noting that the tech giant doesn’t beta test point updates such as 16.1.1 with public beta users or developers. Meanwhile, iOS 16.2, which is currently undergoing beta testing, should launch at the end of the year. 

Besides fixing the SKAdNetwork issues, iOS 16.1.1 should offer other minor bug fixes and performance improvements. On the other hand, iOS 16.2 is expected to bring several new features to iPhones.

These include updates to the Home app, Apple’s new Freeform collaboration app, and the new Emergency SOS via Satellite feature.