Apple Service Providers, Stores Can Flash Firmware Updates on AirPods 2

BY Chandraveer Mathur

Published 15 Mar 2022

AirPods 2

Last year, Apple decided to give its stores and its Authorized Service Providers access to the “AirPods Firmware Updater” tool. Reports suggest that now, AirPods 2 owners can also stroll into Apple Stores or service centers to have the latest firmware installed if their AirPods run into issues.

Based on information contained in an internal Apple memo, MacRumors reports that the company’s diagnostic tool can also be used to update the firmware on AirPods 2 now. The compatibility list for the “AirPods Firmware Updater” reportedly lists the AirPods 2 in addition to AirPods Pro. However, there is no mention of the newer AirPods 3 or top-of-the-line AirPods Max.

The firmware updater tool is a part of Apple’s Service Toolkit 2 and is only for internal use. This means that the average AirPods owner cannot access it without going through an Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider. However, the toolkit is only needed for a firmware update in specific situations, such as when the left or right AirPod fails to update or if the customer hasn’t paired the accessory with an iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

If you have AirPods connected to your Apple device, they should automatically stay updated with the latest firmware updates. Note that it helps to keep the AirPods in their charging case and connected to a power source during the firmware update.

Do you think such diagnostics tools should become more widely accessible so tech-savvy Apple customers can self-diagnose and fix some such software-related issues themselves? Tell us in the comments.

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