Apple Shipped a Record 49 Million iPhones in Q2 2021

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 29 Jul 2021

iPhone 12

A new Counterpoint Research points to Apple shipping a record 48.9 million iPhone units in Q2 2021. This represents a 30 percent YoY growth, though shipments were down by 18 percent from the previous quarter.

The demand for the iPhone 12 series continued to remain high. Apple also ensured its supply was not affected by the semiconductor shortage thanks to the strong ties with its suppliers. Thanks to the robust iPhone 12 demand, Apple saw its revenue increase by 52 percent from the same time last year.

Apple announced its Q2 2021 revenues earlier this week. The company reported revenues of $81.4 billion with a profit of $21.7 billion.

Overall, the global smartphone market grew by 19 percent YoY, but shipments fell to 329 million units — a decline of 7 percent. Samsung continued to remain the world’s largest smartphone OEM as it managed to ship 57.9 million smartphones in Q2, 2021. However, its overall smartphone shipments declined by 24 percent from the previous quarter due to component shortages, production disruption, and weak seasonal demand in some key Asian markets.

Xiaomi managed to make the most of Samsung’s poor performance. It is estimated to have shipped 53 million smartphone units in Q2 2021, becoming the world’s second-largest smartphone OEM and surpassing Apple in the process. This was also the first time Xiaomi managed to ship over 50 million smartphones in a single quarter. The company posted notable growth in Europe, Central America, and Southeast Asia, where it managed to fill the void created by Huawei’s absence. Xiaomi’s shipments grew by a massive 98 percent in Q2 YoY, driven by the Redmi 9, Redmi Note 9, and Redmi Note 10 series.

iPhone sales are only going to decline further in Q3 2021 as demand for iPhone 12 wanes, and most people hold back their purchases in anticipation of the iPhone 13 series. Apple has also already made it clear that it expects the semiconductor shortage to affect iPhone and iPad supply in Q3 2021.

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