Apple Store in St. Louis Withdraws Petition to Unionize

BY Dave Johnson

Published 24 Nov 2022

Apple Store in St. Louis

An Apple Retail Store in St. Louis has reportedly withdrawn its petition to unionize due to anti-labor tactics by the tech giant. 

Apple seems to be in the middle of a nationwide unionizing blitz. In June, the store workers in Maryland voted in favor of unionization with the help of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM). 

Shortly after, the Apple Store in Oklahoma became the second location in the US to unionize. Meanwhile, the Glasgow Apple Store became the first United Kingdom store to unionize. 

So it wasn’t surprising when news of the Apple Retail Store in St. Louis moving towards unionizing surfaced online last week. 

Indeed, the IAM reportedly filed a document to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to start the store’s unionization bid. The group also claimed in a press release that it would represent roughly 82 Apple store employees in St. Louis in the bid to unionize. 

However, that’s no longer the case.

Barely a week after the IAM’s press release, the retail store employees have reportedly dropped all efforts to unionize — at least for now. According to a Bloomberg report, the St Louis staff are no longer moving forward with the process. 

So what’s responsible for the change of mind? 

Why St. Louis Apple Retail Store Abandoned Bid to Unionize 

The IAM blames the abandoned unionization effort on Apple’s anti-labor tactics and increased hostility towards workers. 

For example, the tech giant recently announced perks such as additional education funds and new health benefits for its Store employees. However, reports suggest that the unionized workers at the Maryland store won’t enjoy these latest benefits. 

With that said, the IAM doesn’t intend to give up its Apple Store unionization effort. “The IAM will continue to ensure that all labor laws are followed and remain hopeful that Apple workers will get the respect and dignity they deserve,” says the group.