Apple testing iOS 8.1.3 software update

BY Jason

Published 16 Dec 2014

Apple recently released iOS 8.2 beta 2 to developers, but the company is also working on a minor iOS 8.1.3 update, that has started appearing in server logs.

iOS 8.1.2 was released a week back with bug fixes and improvements, and Apple appears to be working on a similar minor update to fix other issues. The server logs suggest that Apple will release another iOS update before iOS 8.2 gets released publicly. iOS 8.2, which is currently in beta, adds support for the Apple Watch, and WatchKit.


iOS 8.1.3 traffic from Apple

MacRumors reports:

The first sign of iOS 8.1.3 from Apple appeared in our logs December 8, just a day before the company released iOS 8.1.2 to the public to patch a minor issue with disappearing ringtones and deliver other minor bug fixes. A day later, Apple seeded the second iOS 8.2 beta to registered developers.

The number of hits from iOS 8.1.3 remains low, numbering just a few dozen in total from Apple’s networks. A view of overall traffic from iOS 8.1.3 devices shows a clearer upward trend aside from a weekend dip, based on a much larger sample size.


Overall iOS 8.1.3 traffic

These stats have proven to be reliable in the past, and while they can be faked easily, increasing iOS 8.1.3 traffic from Apple certainly lends authenticity to these numbers. A definite launch date isn’t known yet, but it’s likely that iOS 8.1.3 gets released only after the Holiday Season.

It remains to be seen if Apple patches the exploit used in the TaiG jailbreak to stay ahead of the cat and mouse game with jailbreakers. While there were some concerns around the exploit being patched in iOS 8.1.2, Apple didn’t do so, and TaiG updated their jailbreak for iOS 8.1.2 shortly after.

[via MacRumors]