Apple to Increase Focus on India with New Sales Strategies

BY Sriansh

Published 9 Mar 2023

According to a new report by Bloomberg, Apple is reportedly revamping its international sales strategies to place a greater emphasis on India.

As a part of this major reshuffle, India will become its own “sales region” at Apple for the first time. This news comes soon after Apple’s VP of India, the Middle East, Mediterranean, East Europe, and Africa retired. Moreover, the sudden “demand surge” in India prompted the tech giant to give the country an increased prominence.

Ashish Chowdhary, the head of India, will now report directly to Michael Fenger, Apple’s head of product sales. It is important to note that this will only affect Apple’s management structure but not the way it reports regional sales in public financial results.

Apple’s Increased Focus on India Highlights Renewed Focus on Emerging Markets

Apple has struggled to gain market share in India due to its high prices, but multiple sales throughout the years in the past few years have helped Apple see immense growth in the country. By increasing its presence in the country, Apple can tap into a vast and growing market and cement its position as one of the world’s leading tech companies.

It is also worth pointing out that Apple’s increasing focus on India is not limited to sales. The company is also ramping up its manufacturing capabilities in the country. The company already assembles iPhone 14 series in the country — and is looking to triple it. A new Foxconn plant is also set to come online soon. 

Source: Bloomberg