The Best AirPods 3 Features That Make It a Must-Buy

BY Parth Shah

Published 18 Oct 2021

Apple officially took wraps from the all-new AirPods 3 at the company’s ‘Unleased’ event. Unlike the transaction from AirPods 1 to AirPods 2, the third generation AirPods brings some major changes and improvements onboard. Here are all the best AirPods 3 features that make it an instant buy.

1. All-New Design

airpods 3 new design

The AirPods 3 takes inspiration from the premium AirPods Pro design. Excluding the silicon ear tips, the overall shape and size closely resemble AirPods Pro.

Compared to AirPods 2, the stem is shorter and packs the same force sensors for media controls and calls. When tucked in ears, people won’t be able to differentiate between AirPods Pro and AirPods Pro 3. We would take that as a plus point.

2. Water and Sweat Resistant

We have seen many AirPods dying due to water damage. Apple finally takes care of the problem (at some level) by adding an IPX4 rating for both the earbuds and the charging case.

The new AirPods are resistant to both sweat and water. Don’t confuse IPX4 with IP68 that you get on the iPhone. The phones are far more superior to handle water and dust. But for a tiny wearable like AirPods 3, IPX4 is still a welcome addition.

3. Better Audio Quality

airpods 3 spatial audio

Apple has a range of improvements lined up to take the audio quality to the next level with AirPods 3. It brings computational audio from AirPods Pro and AirPods Max. Now even more users can enjoy the same Adaptive EQ and dynamic head tracking experience.

The new AirPods feature Adaptive EQ that tunes sound in real-time based on how AirPods fit in the user’s ear. Apple is claiming 3D theatre-like experience by placing sound virtually anywhere in space.

What’s more? The AirPods 3 also come with a custom driver and a high dynamic range amplifier that together produces powerful bass with clear high frequencies.

4. Better Microphones

The AirPods have always been applauded for their microphone quality. Apple further improves the call quality by covering the microphone with an acoustic mesh that helps reduce the sound of the wind. This can be helpful to those living near windy areas or always taking calls on the go in a busy crowd.

5. New Skin Detector Sensor

airpods 3 in action

iPhone users loved the one-touch setup experience with AirPods. The AirPods 3 features a new skin-detect sensor that accurately discerns if AirPods are in the ear — versus in a pocket or on a table — and pauses playback when removed.

6. MagSafe Charging

airpods magsafe charging

Inspired by the latest iPhone series, AirPods are now part of the ever-growing MagSafe ecosystem for seamless wireless charging.

7. Improved Battery Life

AirPods (3rd generation) offers an extra hour of battery life over the previous generations, with up to six hours of listening time and up to four hours of talk time. With the charging case included, you are easily looking at 30 hours of battery life.

8. Fast Charging

Apple finally boarded a fast charging train with AirPods 3. The latest wearable is able to provide an hour of battery life with just 5 minutes of charging.

With an all-new design, better battery life, new drivers, microphones, and IPX4, Apple is giving more reasons than ever to upgrade to AirPods 3. The company could have easily hit it out of the park with the inclusion of a Type-C port and multiple colors compared to boring white.

Are you upgrading from AirPods 2 or are you a first-time buyer to the AirPods 3? Which feature are you most looking forward to trying in AirPods 3? Sound off in the comments section below.