Colorful choices: which color should I buy for the iPhone 5c?

BY Kelly Hodgkins

Published 13 Sep 2013


For the first time in the history of the iPhone, customers can choose a color other than just black or white for their new handset. Now, new iPhone 5c owners can choose from a white, pink, yellow, blue and green.  The colors are bright and bold, which may make it hard to choose the right one for your style. Read on as we walk you through each color option and help you decide the color that is right for you.

Behind the colorful plastic

The iPhone 5c has a black front plate with a colorful casing that graces the sides and back of the phone. Behind the colorful back casing of the iPhone 5c is a bit of technology. Apple says the 5c is not your typical cheap plastic phone, and the early reviews support this claim. The 5c has a nice feel in your hand — solid, not creaky say reviewers. Part of this solid feel comes from the design, which uses a steel frame for the phone and attaches the plastic case in pieces to this framework. These pieces are then laser-welded together to form a solid piece.

Apple decided to go with plastic because you just can’t get these bright colors in metal. Look at the iPhone 5s, for example, it has some color (gold, silver and gray), but it’s a far cry from the iPhone 5c. The 5c’s color is also infused into the hard polycarbonate shell giving the phone a uniform color and excellent color durability. In most devices that only receive a coat of paint, a scratch will reveal the underneath color. In the iPhone 5c, a scratch will only expose more color, which makes the blemish harder to see.

What about the white?

White is a tough color to get right … any mistake in the manufacturing process, and the white phone will take on a different hue. Even the slightest discoloration in a casing will be obvious when compared to a pure white unit. Apple reportedly struggled with this colorless color in the iPhone 4. The white iPhone 4 was announced at WWDC 2010 and its release was delayed ten months due to manufacturing issues.  Apple worked out the kinks and has been producing white versions  of the iPhone without any issues for the past few years. Though I have yet to see an iPhone 5c in person, I assume Apple has learning from its experience with white tinting and is applying this knowledge when working with this new model and its new material.

Pretty in pink
Pink is one of those colors that you either love or hate. It symbolizes love, good health and life and femininity. It makes its appearance in devices, mostly around Valentine’s Day, but Apple has decided to embrace the color year round.  It’s perfect for the ladies and for the men in our midst who are very, very comfortable in their masculinity. It’s a slightly darker shade of pink (more muted than hot pink) so it should wear any scratches or dust well.


As yellow as the sun in summer
Yellow is wonderfully bright color. It’s reminiscent of the sun, joy and happiness. It’s a stand out color that’ll get you noticed when you pull it out your pocket. One big drawback to choosing this shade — dirt and grime might stand out on the bright yellow color.


Something old, Something new, Something Blue
Blue is a superb color choice for someone who wants to stand out just a little bit. It’s is a great blending color, so it’s not going to clash too much with your surroundings. It’ll fit right in and not scream “look at me” to a passerby.

The blue that Apple chose for the iPhone 5c is a lighter, brighter shade, which gives you just the right amount of attention that you want without being as ostentatious as the yellow. Because it is on the darker side of pastel, it will hide some of those scratches, dirt and grime.
iphone 5C-green

The phone, not the grass is greener on the other side
It’s hard to say anything bad about the lime green color Apple chose for the iPhone 5c. It’s my favorite color of the bunch and the one I would choose if I was buying the phone for myself. The lime green color is in the middle of the color scale — a bit lighter and brighter than the blue, but not as bright as the yellow. It’ll fall in the middle of the dirt, grime, scratch spectrum as well. Scratches may be well hidden, but dirt and grime will likely show up under certain conditions.


Making a case for the case

Apple designed and is selling a companion line of silicone cases for the iPhone 5c. The cases will let you mix and match colors. You can pick a complimentary color or walk on the wild side with a contrasting one. If you don’t like the color of your phone, you can use a case to hide most its backside. It’s not a perfect solution as Apple’s cases have holes, allowing some of the original color to show through. Don’t worry if you don’t like Apple’s case I’m sure third-party case manufacturers are busy building new cases that’ll better suit your taste in accessories.

If you bought or are buying an iPhone 5c, let us  know in the comments which color is your favorite. And did you decorate it up with a case or leave it naked?