Download the Best iOS 12 Shortcuts for Siri Shortcuts App

BY Khamosh Pathak

Published 5 Oct 2018

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Siri Shortcuts are the most exciting part of iOS 12. The Shortcuts app lets you create complex automation shortcuts that you can run using Siri. There’s a lot of interesting stuff you can do and to get started, you don’t need to assemble a shortcut yourself. You can import a shortcut from the Gallery or from the web.

This is a more advanced level of the app based Siri actions we’ve talked about before. Here are some of the best shortcuts for the Shortcuts app that you can download to get you started on your iPhone or iPad.

Download The Best iOS 12 Shortcuts

Visit this article on your iPhone or iPad. When you tap on the download link on your iOS device, it should prompt you to open the Shortcuts app. Then tap on the Get Shortcut button to add it to the Library in the Shortcuts app so you can start using it.

1. Receipt Scan and Upload

There’s no need to pay for an app to scan receipts and upload it to a cloud storage service.

This shortcut lets you upload a scanned document or image directly to Dropbox or iCloud Drive.

Receipt Scan and Upload Siri Shortcut: Download

2. Send Travel Time to a Contact

If you have the habit of telling your spouse when you’re leaving work, or you send travel times to a friend you’re meeting, this shortcut can be really useful. Just select the contact, and the shortcut will automatically contact your travel time to the selected place. Then it will generate a message like “I’ll be there in 14 minutes” and will send it to the contact.

Send Travel Time Siri Shortcut: Download

3. Completely Turn off Wi-Fi

When you use the Wi-Fi toggle in Control Center, it doesn’t completely turn it off. Create a new shortcut, add the Wi-Fi shortcut and toggle the status to off. Then give it a name and you can even add it as a Siri shortcut. Next time, just say the phrase, or tap on the shortcut from the widget to turn off Wi-Fi.

You can do a complex version of this as well that would toggle off Bluetooth and Cellular data as well.

Completely Turn off Wi-Fi Siri Shortcut: Download

Completely Turn off Bluetooth Siri Shortcut: Download

Completely Turn off Cellular Data Siri Shortcut: Download

4. Resize Image to Clipboard

This shortcut takes the image and compresses it in JPEG format, making it easy to share at places like Slack.

Resize Image to Clipboard Siri Shortcut: Download

5. Siri News Reader

This is a great way to read the latest 5 stories from your favorite website. Add this shortcut, and just change the title and add the feed URL. Give a phrase to Siri and next time you say it, Siri will read you the latest 5 headlines from the website.

Siri News Reader Siri Shortcut: Download

6. Add Song to Playlist

A really useful shortcut for updating your favorite playlists in real time. Search for “add to a playlist” in the gallery and add it. Next time you’re listening to a song you want to add to a playlist, initiate this shortcut, select the playlist and that’s it.

Add Song to Playlist Siri Shortcut: Download

7. Turn on Flashlight, Harry Potter Style

You can ask Siri to turn on the flashlight, sure, but that’s not cool. What if you could just say “Lumos” to turn it on? And “Nox” to turn it off? It’s quite simple really, just make a new shortcut, add the Flashlight action, select the On function and give it the Siri phrase as “Lumos”. Create another shortcut in the same way, make sure the option is on Off and use “Nox” as Siri phrase.

Turn on Flashlight Siri Shortcut: Download

8. Convert Live Photo to GIF

So many times, I want to share a Live Photo with friends on WhatsApp. I have to use a third party app to convert it into a GIF. Now, with Shortcuts, I don’t have to deal with apps. Simply use this shortcut to select a Live Photo and convert it into a GIF.

Live Photo to GIF Siri Shortcut: Download

9. Create Awesome iPhone X Screenshot Images

There are shortcuts that will stitch images for you. But this shortcut will automatically put the iPhone XS or XS Max body around your screenshot and will create an image for you. If you choose more than one screenshot, it will create a side by side image! This is a great way to share multiple screenshots on the web, in style.

iPhone XS Frames Siri Shortcut: Download

10. Calculate Tip

This simple shortcut lets you quickly calculate the tip for your bill. From popup menus, you can input the bill amount, select the tip percentage and see the total amount due, with the tip.

Calculate Tip: Download

11. Convert Burst To GIF

We’ve seen how we can convert a Live Photo to GIF. This is similar. You can tap and hold the Shutter button to take photos in succession. Then select a burst photo from this shortcut and watch as it converts it into a GIF.

Convert Burst to GIF: Download

12. Download YouTube Videos

This shortcut runs using the Share sheet. Go to a YouTube video, tap on Share, select this shortcut and it will download the video for you. Once downloaded, you get the option to save it to Camera Roll or to Share it. If you choose the Share button, you can then send it to an app like VLC.

Download YouTube Videos: Download

13. Amazon Price History

When you’re looking at an Amazon product, tap on Share, then select the Amazon Price History shortcut. It will take you to CamelCamelCamel and you’ll see a price chart. This way, you’ll be able to see if that discounted price is actually a deal or not.

Amazon Price History: Download

14. No Paywall

You run across this way too often on the web. You want to read a really interesting article but it’s behind a paywall. Well, now, just share that link to Shortcuts, select the No Paywall option and unlock the whole article.

No Paywall: Download

15. Upload to Imgur

Imgur is one of the best ways to quickly upload photos anonymously. And this shortcut makes the process even easier. Start the shortcut, pick an image, give it a title if you want and it will be uploaded to Imgur and the link will be copied to your clipboard automatically. Just paste the link to share the image!

Upload to Imgur: Download

Your Favorite Siri Shortcuts?

Let us know how it goes. We will continue to share the best Siri Shortcuts here so you can make the most out of one of our favorite iOS 12 features.

What are some of your favorite Siri Shortcuts? Share with us in the comments below, so that fellow readers can start using them.