ECC Filings Reveals Apple May Launch Two New iPads Soon

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 21 Feb 2018

So far we have only heard rumors of Apple holding an event in March to unveil new iPads with Face ID and a refreshed iPhone SE 2. Today though, the folks over at Consomac have seen some filings from the Eurasian Economic Commission (ECC) which confirm that Apple is indeed working on at least two new iPads which it may unveil in March. 

In the documents, the ECC provides Apple with the authorization to sell its new products in Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan. The model numbers of the product listed in the document don’t match with any of Apple’s existing products and point to the company releasing new tablets along with a refreshed phone. The product numbers mentioned in the documents are as follows:

  • CC1704, CC1706, CC1708 “Apple” tablet computer samples (iOS 11 software version)
  • CC1703, CC1705, CC1707 “Apple” Tablet Computer Samples (iOS 11 Software Version)
  • “Apple” tablet computer brand model A1954 (iOS 11 software version)
  • “Apple” tablet computer brand model A1893 (iOS 11 software version)
  • Samples of the brand of smartphones “Apple” models AA1710, AA1711, AA1712, AA1713, AA1714 (iOS 11 software version)

If the product numbers are anything to go by, we could see Apple unveil at least two new iPads in March this year. The latest beta of iOS 11.3 from Apple already references a new ‘Modern iPad’ which further adds credence to rumors the company launching an updated iPad Pro lineup this year with Face ID and faster internals. We could also see Apple refresh its $329 iPad at the event given the tablet will be approaching its first anniversary in March this year.

Apple had unveiled the Product (RED) iPhone 7 along with the $329 iPad in March last year. The year before that, the company had held an event to unveil the iPhone SE.

Our Take

While the documents from the ECC do point to Apple working on new tablets, there is no reference in any of them which hints at the Cupertino company holding an event in March this year. Until and unless the iPhone SE 2 is real and Apple has planned some huge upgrades for its iPad Pro or the $329 iPad, it is unlikely that we will see the company hold an event. Instead, it will just release the new products accompanied by a press release.

[Via Consomac]