Emergency SOS via Satellite Expands to UK, France, Germany & Ireland

BY Sriansh

Published 13 Dec 2022

iPhone 14 Satellite Connectivity Feature

Apple today announced that the Emergency SOS via Satellite feature on iPhone 14 models is now available in the UK, France, Germany, and Ireland.

After launching it in the US and Canada earlier this year, Apple has now made the Emergency SOS via Satellite available in various European regions. Using this feature, users will be able to connect to a nearby satellite and send texts in case of emergency and no cellular service. A recent report showed us how it can be helpful in an emergency situation.

Apple has partnered with Globalstar to make the emergency satellite service available to iPhone 14 users. Apple says the feature makes use of the spectrum in L and S bands that have been specially designated for mobile satellite services. 

How Emergency SOS via Satellite Works

Emergency SOS requests made via iPhone are received by one of Globalstar’s 24 satellites in low earth orbit traveling at roughly 16,000 mph. Messages are then sent to ground stations located at key points across the globe.

In the event that the closest emergency service location cannot receive text messages, the message is routed to a relay center with Apple-trained emergency specialists. Apple also notes in its documentation that the service might not be accessible in places above 62° latitude. 

Nonetheless, the Emergency SOS service is now available in the UK, France, Germany, and Ireland. It will be free for two years (which means until at least November 2024), but the pricing details after that time have not been revealed yet. 

Source: Apple