How To Enable or Disable Effects in Messages App in iOS 10

BY Khamosh Pathak

Published 12 Sep 2016

ios 10 messages animations featured 2

There’s no escaping it. The new bubble and full-screen effects in the Messages app in iOS 10 are loud. Colorful, and loud. They’re fun, sure. But if your brain is annoyed by so many colors or sudden movement, you might have a problem using the Messages app. The thing is, Apple hasn’t included an off switch for this. So we’ll need to improvise.

Reduce Motion

Reduce Motion in Accessibility is an option created to deal with exactly the same thing. For users who don’t like or can’t handle all the swooping animations in iOS 10.

Turning on Reduce Motion also disables the bubble and full-screen effects in the Messages app.


Step 1: Open the “Settings” app, go to “General“, “Accessibility” and tap on “Reduce Motion“.


Step 2: Then tap on the green toggle to disable it.

Enable Effects in Messages App

If you’re not able to view the effects in the Messages app but want to, check out if the Reduce Motion feature wasn’t accidentally turned on before.

More, Less Dangerous Features in Messages App

There are many other, tamer features in Messages app to be excited app. There are stickers, there will be apps soon and of course, you can search for and send GIFs right from the keyboard.

What’s your favorite feature in the new Messages app? Share with us in the comments below.