A Fan Turned Their iPhone Into an Amazing Foldable Smartphone

BY Sriansh

Published 9 Nov 2022

foldable iPhone

Have you ever imagined how a clamshell-style foldable iPhone would look? Well, you don’t have to wait for Apple as a Chinese YouTuber has gone to great lengths and turned their iPhone into an amazing foldable smartphone. In order to create this unique masterpiece, the fan used the components of a Motorola Razr and the internals of an iPhone. 

The YouTuber uploaded a video showing the steps to convert the iPhone into a foldable smartphone. Even though the video is in Chinese, English subtitles are provided so that you can follow what is being said. Nonetheless, the process is incredibly difficult, and we won’t recommend you perform it on your iPhone. 

The video shows what the YouTuber had to do in order to make a foldable iPhone. During this process, the engineer dismantled what turned out to be dozens of iPhone screens, removed an iPhone case, and rebuilt it into a foldable device. Multiple hinge types were tested, including those from the Galaxy Z Flip, but a Motorola Razr hinge was chosen due to its “small” display crease.

Moreover, a lot of decisions had to be taken to achieve this feat. A battery of only 1,000 mAh had to be used to install the folding mechanism, while the MagSafe charging technology had to be discarded all together. In addition, the iPhone runs on a custom ‘jailbroken’ iOS software that is aware of the folding screen and locks the iPhone when folded. 

The creator named this bending iPhone “iPhone‌ V.” Engineers call this version 0.1, and they wish to continue and perfect the design and process over time. Apple is also said to be testing prototypes of a foldable iPhone, but it is currently unknown if (or when) it will be released. 

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