iPhone Firmware Update v1.1.2 Tomorrow (Its Confirmed)

BY Jason

Published 8 Nov 2007

iPhone Firmware 1.1.2

Last Saturday I had reported that folks at T3, who had a chance to play around with the to-be-launched tomorrow UK iPhone had claimed that the iPhone firmware update v1.1.2 was indeed official and could hit us as early as Nov 9th when the iPhone gets launched in UK.

We have got another confirmation on this, we now have Pocket-Link claiming that they got an official confirmation from Apple’s press team in UK in a meeting this morning that version 1.1.2 will be an international update on Friday 9th November (tomorrow) for all iPhone owners.

More details including some of the questions that readers had asked when I first reported the news available after the jump.

We know the following about now soon-to-be-launched iPhone’s firmware 1.1.2:

  • Support for dozens of languages along with full support for French and German, with special keyboard lay-outs.
  • Access to The Cloud Wi-Fi hotspots for UK users something already available in iPod Touch.
  • The feature that has raised the most questions and debates has been about firmware 1.1.2 fixing the TIFF exploit (security flaw) which has been used to jailbreak and hack the iPhone OS v1.1.1

There is no confirmation of the time when the firmware update will be released. Now that we know the some details lets jump straight to the questions that were asked about the iPhone firmware 1.1.2 by readers here at iPhone Hacks when I had first announced the news:

Question from Reader grahame:
How would this affect people running AT&T sim but using the one step installer program?

It is difficult to predict how the firmware update will affect the hacked or jailbroken iPhone especially since AppSnapp, the Single-Click method to Jailbreak iPhone already fixes the security flaw.

However, it is important to remember that the last firmware update did result in bricking the iPhone in case you had unlocked it and in case of the hacked iPhone it had made all the third-party iPhone applications unusable.

Question from Readers boorah and SR:
Would this update come pre-loaded on new iPhones being sold as well, or would they continue to be sold with 1.0.2 and 1.1.1 firmware pre-installed?

I guess it is safe to assume that you would no longer get an iPhone with firmware 1.0.2 at an Apple Store. As for firmware v1.1.1, it really depends on the inventory levels at the Apple store you plan to visit to buy an iPhone as till the new firmware is not rolled out I would think iPhones would still have firmware 1.1.1. It is quite safe to assume that once the firmware upgrade is released, from that time onwards, new iPhone’s being shipped to the store will have the latest firmware. So if you go to an Apple Store now or in a couple of day you should get an iPhone with firmware v1.1.2. But again there is no data available to me to confirm either which way.

Question from Reader – bleh:
I am wondering if we will still be able to downgrade firmware once 1.1.2 comes out. Would be nice to just downgrade 1.1.2 to 1.1.1 and have our way with it. What is the likelihood of that?

It is still early days as the firmware has still not been released. At this point there is no method available to downgrade; however iPhone Hackers who developed AppSnapp have also made changes to AppSnapp recently in preparation for iPhone OS v1.1.2 so that when they find an exploit for 1.1.2, they can use the same installer for it. The likelihood of being able to downgrade based on past experience is quiet high.

Question from iPhoneHacks on behalf of most readers:
Should I upgrade to firmware v1.1.2 when it is released?

If you are new to the iPhone hacking world then the recommendation for all those who have hacked or unlocked their iPhone would be to use a wait-and-watch approach to avoid the problems iPhone owners who had hacked their iPhone had to face after upgrading to the now in-famous firmware v1.1.1. Stay tuned here @ iPhone Hacks to find the latest on the impact of firmware 1.1.2 when it is launched.

Let me know your thoughts and what do you plan on doing when the update is indeed rolled out in the comments below?

[via Pocket-Link]

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