Google Photos for iPhone Gets Powerful Photo and Video Editing Features

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 8 Jun 2021

Google Photos for iOS has announced an update with exciting new features. Last year Google overhauled the Photos app on Android with new features like color and blur adjustment, advanced editing tools, and AI-based suggestions. Last month, Google Photos for iOS was updated with new video editing options that allow users to crop videos, adjust brightness/contrast, and access other essential parameters.

The Google Photos update for iOS will get all the video and image editing features on Android app . Google announced the rollout via community post and apparently rollout has already begun on June 7.

What is new on Google Photos for iOS?

Google has added a new machine learning tab in the photo editor. Whenever you are editing, the tab will give you suggestions based on that particular picture. This way, there is very little chance that you will go wrong. The suggestions could include a single parameter or a combination of editing features like brightness, contrast, and much more. In other words, you can edit the photo with a single touch.

The suggestions will include popular editing features like Enhance and Color pop. In addition, Google says it will add suggestions that will help edit your portraits, landscapes, and sunsets. Most of the time, the enhancements are entirely automated. The only issue is that you don’t know the specific edits made in the background. Starting now, suggestions will show all the edits applied to your photo and control each parameter.

Like before, the video editor on Google Photos will let you trim, edit, rotate, crop, and apply filters. However, Google says it has redesigned the video editor to “match the new photo editor” and “make the experience easier to use.”

[via Google Community]