Hacked iPhone: First Spotted in Apple Store & Now on NBC’s Saturday Night Live

BY Jason

Published 4 Nov 2007

The hacked iPhone seems to be getting celebrity status off late, we first had folks at Macenstein who had revealed a Flickr pic of an iPhone in an Apple store where it appears that the iPhone has been jailbroken as it had the Installer app icon.

If that was not funny enough, folks at Gizmodo have spotted that the iPhone used in iPhone spoof ad on NBC’s Saturday Night Live in fact had the Installer icon; which also indicates that the iPhone was jailbroken.

It is open to discussion whether the hacked iPhone was part of the joke in the spoof ad especially since Apple and NBC are not getting along well.

Check out the image of the hacked iPhone and the YouTube video of the iPhone spoof ad (quite funny) after the jump.

Flickr Pic showing Apple Store displaying JailBroken iPhone: