HomeKit home automation API announced at WWDC alongside iOS 8

BY Stephen Hall

Published 2 Jun 2014


Apple has been working with the leaders in home automation devices to launch the HomeKit API, bringing developers a comprehensive set of tools to make their hardware work with iOS. Countless devices, like lightbulbs, garage doors, thermostats, and more all have their own set of applications and security mechanisms. HomeKit aims to change that.

The service has a common network protocol that brings secure pairing, and even allows you to group the control of devices into “scenes.” Essentially, while HomeKit will let you control your devices one at a time, it will also allow you to create actions grouped together so multiple devices can be seamlessly controlled at once. Additionally, Siri integration will let you control these devices with your voice.


As goes with the Made for iPhone program and similar platforms that Apple has started, there will be a certification process that makes sure devices made to work with HomeKit will actually do what they’re supposed to. Initial partners include August, a smart door lock maker, Philips, which makes Hue line of light bulbs, and others including Honeywell and iHome.

For a list of even more features shipping with iOS this fall, see our roundup.

[Photos via The Verge]