How to Connect AirPods to Android

BY Khamosh Pathak

Published 26 Apr 2019

How to connect AirPods to Android Featured

AirPods are an Apple-first device. The work best with Apple ecosystem. Thanks to the W1/H1 chip inside them, they automatically connect with your iPhone as soon as you put them in your ears and they also pause playback when you remove one AirPod. But underneath Apple’s secret sauce lies Bluetooth technology. This means you can use them as standard Bluetooth headphones on any Android device. Here’s how to connect AirPods to Android.

How to Connect AirPods to Android

While AirPods work well with Android, it’s important to note that not all functionality is available when using AirPods. The automatic ear detection doesn’t work. And by default, you can even see the AirPods battery life percentage on Andriod (although that is easily fixed using an app, more on that below).

But still, if you already have AirPods, you might as well use them with your Android phone or Android tablet.

Step 1: Open the AirPods case and then swipe down the Notification Drawer on Android.

Step 2: From here, tap and hold the Bluetooth toggle to open the Bluetooth section in the Settings app.

Connect AirPods to Android 1

Step 3: If not already enabled, turn on the Bluetooth discovery setting.

Step 4: On your AirPods, with the case lid open, press and hold the Pairing button at the back of the case. You’ll see the light inside the case turn white.

Connect AirPods to Android 2

Step 5: In a couple of seconds, your AirPods will show up in the list of devices. Tap on it, then confirm from the pop-up and that’s it, your AirPods are now paired with Android.

How to Check AirPods Battery on Android

Connect AirPods to Android 3

As I said above, AirPods don’t report battery life on Android devices by default. But you can around it use the AirBattery app. It works for first-generation AirPods and other W1 devices like Beats X, Beats Solo and so on.

After installing the app, you just have to tap on the app icon while your AirPods are connected. You’ll see an overlay on the screen which will tell you the battery percentage of each AirPod. If you want to know the battery left in the case, you’ll need to put one AirPods back in the case.

Download: AirBattery (Free)

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