How to Set up Separate Signatures in Mail for iOS 6

BY Mike Vardy

Published 11 Dec 2012

I wasn’t around much last week as I was not only trying to get out from under a mountain of email – yes, even productivityists stuck in an overwhelmingly full inbox every once in a while – but I was also starting to explore some of the cooler new Mail features in iOS 6.

I found a few new cool options available, but one of the best ones was the ability to add different signatures for separate email accounts. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time.

Why would you want to have different email signatures for different email accounts? Well, for me, I have an email account that is for personal use and one that is for professional use. By using different signatures for each, I’m saving a ton of time when it comes to wrapping up an email. As long as I have selected the corresponding email account, I know that I am sending the proper – and most likely more appropriate – signature as I hit the send button.

Here’s how you can set up different signatures for different email accounts in Mail for iOS 6.

Step 1: Go into Settings and scroll down to your Mail, Contacts and Calendar settings. Select that option.

Step 2: Now scroll down until you see “Signature”. Touch that option.

When you have multiple signatures, it will indicate the number (as shown).

Step 3: At that point, you can either select “All Accounts” or “Per Account”. To set up different signatures for different email accounts, touch “Per Account”.

Step 4: Once selected, it will list all of your different account types. Simply write out a new signature for each account as needed.

Signatures galore!

That’s it! Now you can email away, knowing that you’re saving time – and effort – when sending out emails that require different signatures depending on what account you’re using.

Photo credit: Alejandro Mallea (CC BY 2.0)