How to shuffle all songs in the Music app in iOS 9

BY Osas Obaizamomwan

Published 18 Sep 2015

Since a lot of us don’t have the time or desire to create our own curated playlist, we rely on the Shuffle option to be the “DJ” for us. But, many noticed that the Shuffle option seemed to get lost in the shuffle when Apple Music debuted on iOS 8.4. Seems, that Apple hit pause on their keeping it simple mentality. But, it looks like Apple has heard our complaints and the Shuffle option is back where it belongs for iOS 9.

How to shuffle all songs in the Music app in iOS 9

Apple Music has become my go-to application for playing music on my commute and during work, so having an easy way to shuffle my music was essential to my sanity. In iOS 8.4, users had to find a song from their Library, play that song, and only then could they shuffle all their songs. Most likely a design flaw, but one that proved to be a really annoying issue for people who had been using iTunes and the Music app for years.

iOS 8.4 - Shuffle - Music

Now, for iOS 9, those unnecessary steps have been eliminated. Simply select a song from your Library tab, and pull down on the screen to unveil the Shuffle button. YES! That’s it, and it is so much better for everyone.

Songs - Shuffle

You can also pull down and find the shuffle option inside, Artists, Albums, Songs, Genres, Composers, and Compilations. You can select these different categories by tapping on the section name located near the middle of the section screen.

Shuffle All - Options

Check out our video walkthrough of how to shuffle all songs in the Music app in iOS 9:

This is a small, but much-needed addition to iOS 9. Let the shuffling begin!

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