How to use the markup feature in Mail in iOS 9

BY Osas Obaizamomwan

Published 15 Sep 2015

When sending screenshots back and forth between team members, having the ability to annotate on the fly is crucial for productivity. That’s why Apple introduced Markup for Mail in Yosemite. With Markup, users can add text, signatures, magnify sections, and draw on attachments within the Mail app. Now that handy feature has been added to Mail for iOS 9. 

How to use the markup feature in Mail in iOS 9

Step 1. Markup and Reply

Open the Mail app and find a message that contains an attachment you’d like to annotate. You can also Markup an attachment you are sending by following the next step as well.

Step 2. Opening Markup and Reply

If the attachment is embedded in the body of the message, tap and hold the image to bring up the menu. If an email has a classic attachment, open the attachment normally, and tap and hold to bring up the menu where you’ll then select Markup and Reply (icon looks like a briefcase… or lunchbox).

Markup and Reply

Step 3. Using Tools

When you select Markup and Reply the image will be added to a brand new draft. In this draft you can now markup and annotate your image(s). See the toolbar at the bottom to use; in order: Draw, Magnifier, Text, and Signature.

Markup Tools

Use these tools to support your annotations.

Markup - Using Tools

We previously discussed how to add signatures, but now Apple makes it extremely easy. Tap on the signature icon to draw your signature.

Signature - Markup

When you tap Done, the signature will be added to the image you are currently annotating.

Add Signature - Mail

Shape Recognition

If you draw a shape with the draw tool and it’s recognized as a common shape, you can actually replace your drawing with a legit shape. For people that like neat annotations this is super helpful and really cool.

Markup - Shape Correct

Step 4. Deleting and Duplicating Items

If you make a mistake, simply tap on the item and hit Delete in the pop-up menu. You can also duplicate items in that same menu.

Delete - Markup

Step 5. Send

When you are finally done marking up your image, tap Done and send off the email.

Check out our video walkthrough of how to use the new markup feature in the Mail app in iOS 9:

Markup and Reply is a clutch tool for anyone that uses the Mail app on a consistent basis. Whether you are a graphic designer or editor the Markup options in iOS 9 will come in handy eventually.

Let us know what you think of Markup in the comment section.

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