iFile: Popular File Manager for Jailbroken devices gets iOS 7 makeover [Updated: Hands-on]

BY Jason

Published 30 Dec 2013

One of the most popular jailbreak apps, iFile, has today been updated to version 2.0.0-1, bringing a new iOS 7 look, a new icon and bug fixes.

iFile is a full-blown file manager for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, which comes with tons of features such as compressing, deleting, viewing, copying, moving, renaming files and much more.

Here’s the entire change log:

  • Enhanced iFile to be compatible with iOS 7 including new icon, buttons, and iOS 7 look and feel.
  • Fixed crash when used tried to enter a PayPal registration email address (only required for people who did not buy in Cydia Store).
  • iFile could not be terminated on iOS 7 via the App Switcher. This could only be fixed by always exiting it when you background it. However, it will stay active for another 180 seconds after backgrounding. It does not quit if you play music in background.

Here’s a screenshot of iFile 2:

ifile 1


Here’s a video walkthrough of iFile for iOS 7:


iFile 2 is available from Cydia from the Big Boss repo. Let us know what you think about its new design and icon in the comments below.