iFuntastic v3.5.5: Adding custom ringtones to iPhone made lot easier

BY Jason

Published 15 Sep 2007

iFuntastic logo

The most popular GUI based iPhone hack for Mac users has to be iFuntastic developed by iPhone hacking genius, bitSplit. He has been quietly working in the background of all the iPhone unlocking news to improve iFuntastic and make it that much easier to use along with adding compatibility with iTunes 7.4.

Read more about the latest version of one of the most popular iPhone hack after the jump.

It has been two and half months since iPhone’s launch and to get a good idea on how the iPhone hacks have evolved one does not need to look beyond iFunstastic. One of the reasons for iFuntastic being so popular has been due to the fact that it was one of the first GUI based hacks which made adding custom ringtones to your iPhone a breeze in comparison to the lengthy and complicated 23 step hacking process.

iFuntastic v3.5.5, the Welcome and Setup pages in the latest version as you will see from the screenshots below have been given a thorough clean-up and look more refined which should make it that much more easier to use.

You can now restore your iPhone, unshackle it and install the support files for iFuntastic all from the setup page. "Unshackling" was a feature which was introduced in the previous version of iFuntastic, basically it means that you do not need to un-jail or re-jail your iPhone for every modification instead it needs just one-time jail breaking.

The other important bit is that the support files are optional; thus you no longer need to have the unnecessary applications and pages on your iPhone. File Manager has also been given some minor tweaks and added functionality.

But the best part of the latest version of iFuntastic has to be its compatibility with iTunes especially with Apple adding the ringtone functionality with iTunes 7.4. iFuntastic v3.5.5 allows you to add ringtones to your iTunes library using any audio file, all you need to do is to simply drag and drop the audio file (even from iTunes) into the iFuntastic Ringtones panel and it will automatically convert and add it back to iTunes ringtones library.

To download iFuntastic v3.5.5, follow this link.

So folks, if you have a Mac (Universal Binary), iFuntastic has made adding custom ringtones to your iPhone that much more easier and that too for FREE. Thanks bitsplit!

Sreenshot of iFuntastic v3.5.5 UI can be seen below: