iOS 10 – iOS 10.3.2 — Everything You Need to Know!

BY Jason

Published 12 Jun 2016

iOS 10 Featured image

At first, the 10th iteration of iOS might seem like an upgrade made purely of small changes. Yes, there’s a lot of little things sprinkled across the new OS. Things like emoji replacement in Messages, to auto generating videos in Photos. Things that are nice to have but revolutionary? Don’t think so.

But iOS 10 is a release that’s taking some calculated steps, charting the future of the mobile operating system. Apps that run inside iMessage, extensions for Siri and Maps, plus widget support for Lock screen all point towards an OS that’s more open and connected.

When you pick up the iPhone, the screen wakes up, the keyboard provides suggestions using Siri’s AI brain, the Photos app lets you search inside all your photos. All the new stuff in iOS 10 is geared to help you do things easier, faster.

3D Touch is enabled at a lot more places, widgets are media rich and they come in two forms, Siri can help you get an Uber, Voicemail is automatically transcribed, you can control your smart home from the Control Center, you can use apps and stickers in iMessage, Maps reminds you where you parked your car, Notes can be shared, Health app lets you log your vitals manually, Notifications everywhere are interactive, and we haven’t even begun scratching the surface yet.

There’s so much to explore in iOS 10 – iOS 10.3.2. Which is why we’ve got hands-on and guides for every new feature, right below.

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