What’s New in iOS 10.1

BY Khamosh Pathak

Published 24 Oct 2016


iOS 10.1 is the first major point release for iOS 10. And it’s also the first iOS 10 release that has more than bug fixes. Apple has made some much needed interface and experience changes. There’s also a brand new, much talked about feature for the new iPhone. Check out everything that’s new in iOS 10.1 below.

1. Portrait Mode

The biggest new feature in iOS 10.1 is the Portrait mode we first saw at the iPhone 7 launch. The feature is only available for the iPhone 7 Plus and it adds a Bokeh effect to your photos, using some smart software tricks.

The Portrait mode blurs the background and puts the subject in focus. It can be accessed by swiping left in the Camera view.

The Camera app will give you directions on how to use the feature. It will alert you if the subject is too far away or too close. When the subject is at the right distance, you’ll see the Bokeh effect live. Take a picture and it will be saved.

We encourage you to use this feature as much as possible. It’s not perfect but I’ve seen people take some amazing shots with it.

Whenever you take a picture with the Depth Effect, the camera also saves a “normal” picture. So even if the Bokeh effect was screwed up, you have the original picture as a backup.

2. iMessage Effects Toggle

As we discovered with the iOS 10 upgrade, users who had turned on the Reduce Motion setting in Accessibility were no longer able to send, receive or view the new iMessage Effects.

iOS 10.1 adds a new toggle that lets you keep everything else in “Reduce Motion” mode, but still lets you use iMessage Effects.


It’s available in “Settings” -> “General” -> “Accessibility” -> “Reduce Motion”. If Reduce Motion toggle is turned on, you’ll see this setting below.

3. Redesigned iMessage Apps Drawer


If you had more than 20 or so iMessage apps, the iMessage app drawer became really ugly. The dots at the bottom would overlap other icons and it was just a mess.

Apple has solved this problem by removing the dots and instead putting up a scroll bar that only shows up when you’re swiping between the pages. This means, the “Recents” icon is also gone.

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4. Replay Text Effect


In iOS 10.1, when you get an iMessage Effect in a conversation, you’ll now see a “Replay” button below it. This lets you replay the effect.

5. Opening Notifications Actually Works

In iOS 10, this was something that was buggy and erratic. When I’d try to tap on a notification from the Notification Centre, it would basically do nothing. Or sometimes it would open the app but wouldn’t take me to the specific part of the app, like a Messenger conversation.

So far, in iOS 10.1, this seems to be fixed for me.

What Did You Discover?

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