13 iOS 10 Features Inspired by Jailbreak Tweaks

BY Cody

Published 25 Jun 2016

It’s not at all uncommon for Apple to take features that we’ve seen for while in the jailbreak community and implement them into the next big release of iOS. So it’s not surprising when taking a look through iOS 10 beta that we see some familiar features/tweaks that jailbreakers have been utilizing for quite some time. Here’s a list of jailbreak tweaks we see in iOS 10.

If you want to see these features side by side on iOS 10 and jailbroken iOS 9 be sure to check out the video below!

Features/Jailbreak Tweaks

  • iOS 10 Feature – Raise to Wake
  • Jailbreak Tweak – FaceOff
The raise to wake feature has been something that we’ve had since around iOS 7 in the jailbreak community. This basically allows you to just raise your device to wake up your device without having to press any buttons.
  • iOS 10 Feature – Stickers in Messages
  • Jailbreak Tweak – StickerMe
The ability to use stickers in messaging isn’t anything new for several other messaging apps, but it is new to Messages in iOS 10. While we don’t have this exact feature, there is the ability to use Facebook stickers in your Messages app with StickerMe.
  • iOS 10 Feature – Control Center pages
  • Jailbreak Tweak – Auxo

In iOS 10 the control center now has 2 pages. One for your toggles and quick launch apps, brightness, etc. and one just for the music controls. Exactly how it should be. Of course Auxo brought us this several years ago.

  •  iOS 10 Feature – 3D Touch on Weather App
  • Jailbreak Tweak –  Shortcuts
This is a convenient little feature that allows you to 3D touch on the Weather app to give you some crucial weather information. The jailbreak tweak Shortcuts, along with a few other tweaks, do this exact same thing as well.
  •  iOS 10 Feature – Drawing in Messages
  • Jailbreak Tweak – Grafiti

Drawing in Messages? How about Grafiti back from 2012? Now, I’m not saying that Grafiti is up to par with the drawing that’s now allowed in Messages, just that the idea has been around for about 4 years.

Almost everybody had that folder of “useless” apps that they would have just to put all the unused stock apps if you were stuck on stock iOS. If you were jailbroken then tweaks like HideMeX or Springtomize would allow you to hide any and all applications that you wanted.

  •  iOS 10 Feature – Lock Screen Widgets
  • Jailbreak Tweak – LockHTML

Widgets have been something that Apple has been toying with since iOS 9, but it’s something users have wanted for much longer than that. That’s the beauty of jailbreaking. Not having to wait for Apple to implement a feature in 3 years and getting it right now. LockHTML as well as other widgets tweaks have been around for quite some time.

  •  iOS 10 Feature – Control Center redesign
  • Jailbreak Tweak – Floater

The new design for the control center in iOS 10 looks pretty nice. But, the freestanding control center isn’t something that’s new to iOS 10 if you’re a jailbreaker. Use a tweak like Floater to get the “floating” look of the control center as well as some other UI elements.

  •  iOS 10 Feature – Colorization of CC toggles
  • Jailbreak Tweak – Cream

Cream gives you the same color effect that you get in iOS 10 when you enable the control center toggles.

  •  iOS 10 Feature – 3D touch on quick launch apps
  • Jailbreak Tweak – QuickCenter

While this feature is a little lackluster, it’s still kind of cool. You can now 3D press on your quick launch apps in your control center to get various options. You have this same ability with a tweak called QuickCenter.

  •  iOS 10 Feature – Clear all notifications
  • Jailbreak Tweak – 3D Touch To Clear all Notifications

While the tweak name isn’t something to get too excited about, this gives you the exact same ability to clear all notifications in the notification center with a 3D press.

If you’re looking for a similar design that you’re going to get in iOS 10 on the notifications, then you should check out WatchNotifcations. While it’s not exactly the same, it does give you a pretty close replica.
  •  iOS 10 Feature – Dark Mode Clock app
  • Jailbreak Tweak – Eclipse

Dark mode for iOS might be the most exciting feature I’m looking forward to in iOS 10. While it hasn’t been pushed system wide, the clock app did get a dark mode redesign and we’ll have to wait to see if we see dark mode for all apps in later betas. If you want it now and you’re jailbroken, then just download Eclipse to get dark mode on your device.

Let us know if you run into any other features in iOS 10 that derive from jailbreak tweaks that we didn’t mention!