Here’s What The New Stock App Widgets in iOS 10 Look Like

BY Khamosh Pathak

Published 13 Aug 2016

ios 10 proactive spotlight widgets screen 1

I’m very excited for widgets in iOS 10. They’re going from this limited in design, transparent and dark boxes to kind of mini apps and glorified shortcuts. I can’t wait to see what the developers come up with in iOS, now that there are two widget classes – compact and large. Plus, they’re everywhere now. The Lock screen, Notification Center, and even in the Home screen.

Till that happens, here’s a look at what Apple’s own widgets look like, in all their forms. In 3D Touch Quick Actions, Compact and Large (they’re laid out similarly in the screenshots below).

1. Weather

ios 10 weather widgets

The 3D Touch Quick Actions shows your current city’s temperature and the chances of rain. You can also quickly jump to 2 of your other added cities. The expanded widget will show you hour by hour forecast.

2. Siri App Suggestions

ios 10 siri suggestions widgets

Siri App Suggestions widget shows you suggestions for apps you’re most likely to use given the context.

3. News

ios 10 news widgets

4. Favourites

ios 10 favorites widgets

The 3D Touch Quick Actions widget shows the top 4 contact shortcuts and quick ways to just to recent calls list, search for contacts or create new contacts.

5. Notes

ios 10 notes widgets

3D Touch Quick Action for Notes app lets you create a new note, checklist, photo or sketch. You can also jump to the most recent note. The expanded widget shows 3 latest widgets.

6. Find Friends

ios 10 friends widgets

Using Find Friends widget you can view locations for the friends you’ve added to the Find my Friends app. This also includes any of your family members added to your family plan.

7. Mail

ios 10 mail widgets

The Mail app widget is a bit weird. It doesn’t show any of your emails. Instead it shows avatars for your VIP contacts and their unread email badge.

8. Maps Nearby

ios 10 nearby widget

The Nearby widget gives you a shortcut for exploring options nearby.

9. Maps Destinations

ios 10 maps destinations widget

3D Touching the app icon gives you options to send your location.

10. Reminders

ios 10 reminders widget

11. Stocks

ios 10 stocks widgets

12. Tips

ios 10 tips widgets

What do you think of the new stock widgets in iOS 10? Which one do you think you’re going to use the most?