iOS 10 Gives You Contextual Information About Wi-Fi Networks

BY Khamosh Pathak

Published 27 Aug 2016

ios 10 wifi no internet connection featured

The Wi-Fi settings section in iOS 10 has become a bit smarter overnight. Before, you’d just see the Wi-Fi network’s name and that’s it. Now, it will tell you useful things about the network, even before you connect to it.

If there’s any information available, you’ll see it as small subtext below the Wi-Fi networks name.

You’ll see warnings like “No Internet Connection” when the Wi-Fi network you’ve connected to isn’t actually connected to the internet. This will save you some frustration when you start working, only to find that the internet isn’t working.

ios 10 wifi information

You’ll also get security warnings. “Security Recommendation” text tells you that this Wi-Fi network isn’t exactly secure. You can tap the text for more information.

ios 10 wifi security recc 2

This warning comes up after a user has already connected to the network, though. It would be better if iOS 10 warned users beforehand.

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