iOS 12 Bugs We’ve Found till Now

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 18 Sep 2018

iOS 12 Bugs

Apple seems to have managed to hit it out of the park with iOS 12. Not only does it bring about performance improvements for older iPhones and iPads, the rollout of the update was also a pretty smooth one and bug-free. Apple genuinely seems to have focused on performance and stability improvements with iOS 12 and it shows.

However, this does not mean the public release of iOS 12 is not without issues. It does contain a few minor bugs as reported by users on various online forums. Below is a quick list of major iOS 12 bugs reported so far.

iOS 12 Bugs

Apple Maps

Traffic data in Apple Maps might not be shown for some users.

Camera Effects in FaceTime Missing from iPad

Despite being support, the Camera effects while on a FaceTime call is missing from the iPad.

Wi-Fi Calls Ending Abruptly

T-Mobile users are reporting their Wi-Fi calls are ending abruptly when they transition from Wi-Fi to mobile data

Mobile Data Issues on iPhone 8 

Certain iPhone 8 users are reporting issues with mobile data connectivity. Their phone will disconnect from mobile data automatically once a day and needs to be connected manually again. Other iPhone users are also reporting some network connectivity issues.

Third-party Apps Crashing

Some third-party apps like HSBC UK and HSBC Worldwide apps crash on launch in iOS 12.

Increased Battery Drain

iPhone X and older iPhone users are reporting increased standby battery drain after updating to iOS 12. This is perhaps more likely to do with the phone making some background optimizations after the update rather than a bug.

Settings App Randomly Freezing

10.5-inch iPad Pro owners are reporting the Settings app is randomly freezing for them.

MDM for Office 365

Intune or MDM for Office 365 managed emails with basic/legacy authentication on iOS is currently not compatible with iOS 12.

YouTube Playback Issue

Certain users are reporting issues with playing back YouTube videos on their iPhones or iPads.

Random Resrpings

Some users are reporting random resprings with Springboard, though this is something that they are able to fix by doing a fresh install.

Missing Badges

iPhone and Apple Watch owners are reporting about certain badges missing from their Watch app. Most of the badges can be restored by restarting the device, though for others Apple has accepted the bug and its working on rolling out a fix.

Graphical Glitches

Some users are reporting about random graphical glitches in iOS 12 which can be solved via a reboot.

Pandora Crashing on Launch

Many users are reporting about the Pandora app crashing on their iPhone or iPad after updating to iOS 12. If you are on the same boat, make sure to download the latest update from the App Store. Pandora received a day one update to add support for iOS 12 and Siri Shortcuts.

Download: Pandora

Third-Party Apps Crashing

Third-party apps will crash on iOS 12 if they have not been updated for the OS. Most popular apps have already been updated for the latest version of iOS. In case an app that you use continues to crash, wait for it to be updated with iOS 12 support.

Assistive Touch Turns Off After a Reboot

Our reader ‘philbel’ reports Assistive Touch turning off automatically when you shut down your iPhone.

Assistive touch turns off when you swich off the phone. Need to reactive it manually each time you turn on the phone…

iPhone X Owners Reporting Display Color and Contrast Issues

Some iPhone X owners are reporting washed out displays, lower contrast, and a change in white point after updating their device to iOS 12.

If you are also facing this issue, try toggling off the Increase Contrast option from General -> Accessibility.

Have you encountered any other bugs in iOS 12? Drop a comment and let us know about it.