iOS 12 Wishlist Roundup: 7 Features We Want to See in the next Version of iOS

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 4 Jun 2018

iOS 12 Features

In a couple of days from now, Apple will be unveiling iOS 12 at its developer conference in San Jose. A major new release of iOS will bring with it a bunch of new features, enhance existing ones, and provide developers with new and powerful APIs to create even better apps for the platform.

There are reports that iOS 12 is going to primarily focus on speed and stability, with some major new changes being delayed until 2019. While disappointing, this does not mean that Apple will not be introducing any new feature in iOS 12 at all. While Apple does have its own vision for the next major version of its mobile operating system, as a long time Apple user, we have our own set of expectations and wishes for features for the OS. Here’s our wishlist for iOS 12.

1. Smarter Siri


At this point, my biggest wish with iOS 12 is that Apple unveils a revamped and significantly more powerful version of Siri. In its current form, Siri is awfully behind its competition from Amazon and Google. There are a lot of areas where Apple needs to work on improving Siri. Firstly, it needs to improve voice recognition on Siri whilst also adding support for more languages to it. Secondly, Siri needs to have some kind of feature parity. The voice assistant has now graduated from only running on iOS to macOS, watchOS, tvOS, and HomePod. So, it needs to ensure that it is capable of understanding the same set of commands across all the devices.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, Apple needs to allow Siri to integrate with more third-party apps. By opening Siri to more third-party apps via Extensions, Apple would end up instantly making its digital assistant more powerful and smarter.

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2. iCloud Overhaul

Another area where Apple really needs to rethink its strategy. First, Apple needs to realize that 5GB of free iCloud storage space is simply not enough in this day and age. The company really needs to bump the free iCloud storage to at least 10 or 15GB.

iCloud has not received any major upgrade in years now and its time Apple diverts its attention to the service. It also needs to improve iCloud Drive by providing users with more control over its file structure if it truly wants iCloud to become a Dropbox replacement for many. And then there’s iCloud Photo Library. Apple needs to take a cue from Google Photos and improve iCloud Photo Library by adding meaningful features to it which turns your photos into memories. Apart from that, the sync service lacks a number of basic features like the ability to pause a sync, upload only when the phone is on charge etc.

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3. Better Notification Center

Apple gave the iOS notification center an overhaul with iOS 11. However, the overhaul did not fix any of the pain points. Compared to Android, iOS notification system is still a mess. Apple really needs to get around to adding an easier way to dismiss notifications and group notifications from the same app into one. Apple should perhaps look at the notification system of Android and take some usability cues from it. There’s a lot that Apple can do to improve the overall notification/lock screen experience in iOS 12. Here’s hoping that the company ends up doing something with iOS 12 in this regard.

While there are no leaks regarding a notification center overhaul in iOS 12, let’s hope they are wrong and Apple really ends up improving it this year.

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4. Improved Keyboard

Apple has improved the stock iOS keyboard with every new release of the OS. With iOS 12, we hope the company gets around to adding features like stickers and GIF support. These features have become commonplace in third-party keyboard apps like Gboard and SwiftKey. It would also be great if Apple adds support for more languages while at it.

5. Customizable Control Center

iOS 12 Control Center

This is a feature we have been wishing Apple gets around to adding in its mobile operating system since iOS 11. While the Cupertino company did revamp the control center last year, the customization options it offered were a bit too limited. By adding support for third-party apps in Control Center, Apple would end up making it more useful. It could also improve the existing toggles by directing them directly to the relevant menu in the Settings app.

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6. Dark Theme

File this under wishful thinking, but it would be great if Apple finally gets around to introducing a native dark theme/mode in iOS 12. With the beautiful OLED display on the iPhone X, a dark theme in iOS 12 would only make the device look that much more beautiful. But then again, this is a feature we have been wishing Apple gets around to adding to its mobile OS since iOS 10 and prior.

Maybe this year, Apple will finally grant one of our most requested features to the OS.

7. Picture-in-picture

Apple introduced Picture-in-picture with iOS 9 but the feature has been limited to iPad since then. Apple clearly does not want to turn the iPhone into a multitasking machine like the iPad but it can definitely add Picture-in-picture to it especially with the possibility of all the 2018 iPhones coming with a taller display like the 2017 iPhone X. The taller display allows for an increase in information density which definitely allows Apple to bring PiP to the iPhones.

With picture-in-picture, it would be possible to watch a video on YouTube or Plex while one continues to browse the web on their iPhone. Sure, it might have a limited use case but its definitely handy for sure.

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What are your expectations for iOS 12? What features are you looking forward to Apple introducing in the next version of its mobile OS? Drop a comment and let us know!