iOS 14.7 Bug Prevents iPhones with Touch ID to Unlock Apple Watch Automatically

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 20 Jul 2021

Cool iOS 14.5 Features

Apple yesterday released the iOS 14.7 update with a fix for the malicious Wi-Fi bug and a bunch of other security improvements. However, amidst all those changes, a bug seems to have slipped through Apple’s testing that prevents iPhones from automatically unlocking Apple Watch after the iOS 14.7 update.

If you have the Unlock with iPhone feature turned on, your Apple Watch will unlock itself whenever you unlock your iPhone. This is a handy feature to have since you won’t have to enter your Apple Watch’s unlock code every time you wear it after removing it from the charger.

Apple itself has acknowledged the bug in a new support document and says the bug only affects iPhones with Touch ID. The company recommends users facing the issue unlock their Apple Watch by entering the unlock code. After that, your iPhone will remain unlocked as long as your keep wearing your Apple Watch. The next time you remove it from your wrist and wear it again, you’ll have to unlock it again by entering the unlock code.

Apple says the issue will be “addressed in an upcoming software update.” This likely means the company will release the iOS 14.7.1 update sooner than later with the bug fix. It is unlikely that Apple will release an iOS 14.8 update as a major iOS point release is usually reserved for an update that adds some new features.

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