iOS 16.2 Beta Changes How Always On Display Works on Your iPhone 14 Pro

BY Sriansh

Published 16 Nov 2022

iPhone 14 Pro LI Features iOS 16.2

Apple released iOS 16.2 Beta 3 earlier this week. While the beta doesn’t pack a lot of changes and features — Apple still says the build contains “bug fixes and performance improvements” — a new option has been added to the Always On Display settings that change how it works. 

In the ‘Display and Brightness’ menu, three new options have been added. By default, the iPhone 14 Pro’s always-on display “dims the Lock Screen when you lock your device or leave it idle, while still knowing helpful information like the time, widgets, and notifications.”

But now, you can prevent the Always On Display from showing the wallpaper and any new notifications. If you toggle off the wallpaper and notifications features, the Always-On display on the iPhone 14 Pro will show a black frame and the time displayed alongside your Lock Screen widgets, much like how many Android phones work. 

The new controls may be helpful to customers who were unhappy with the original implementation of the Always On display. With the updated option, users can enjoy a much simpler always-on display interface, and it may also just help them save some battery power.

Apple is expected to release the stable version of iOS 16.2 to the public in December. Along with the new Always On Display options, the new update will bring new features such as the Freeform app, support for 5G networks in India, and more. Are you looking forward to the next iOS update? Let us know in the comments section below!

Image Via: AppleInsider