iOS 16 Beta Brings Apple Pay to Edge and Chrome on iPhone

BY Jeff

Published 2 Aug 2022

The newest iOS 16 beta allows support for Apple Pay in third-party browsers, including Edge and Chrome.

Currently, Apple Pay only works in Safari on iOS 15. However, iOS developer Steve Moser pointed out on Twitter the change in policy.

In iOS 16 beta 4, Moser was able to get the payment service to work in Edge and Chrome, noticing the “Continue with Apple Pay” option. He also pointed out that the same is not true with the latest macOS beta.

However, previous versions of iOS 16 beta 2 and beta 3 had allowed users the option to pay with Apple Pay on Firefox. The Verge reports that two Reddit users posted earlier this month that they were able to make purchases in Firefox in either of those versions. 

Prior to this update, Apple only allowed Apple Pay web purchases on Safari. Requiring all iOS web browsers to use Apple’s WebKit rendering engine assured that no other browser could render pages faster than Safari. This meant that there were limits to the functionality of third-party web browsers only offered on Safari on iPhones and iPads.

The Digital Markets Act in the European Union might be the cause for the change. The upcoming antitrust legislation argues that web browser engines are “a service that should be protected from anti-competitive gatekeeper-imposed limitations.” It is expected to become law next year.

Source:  9to5Mac