Latest iOS 16 Beta Wallpaper Hints Always-on Display on iPhone 14

BY Dave Johnson

Published 29 Jul 2022

Always-on display

We’ve heard rumors of the iPhone 14 Pro models spotting an always-on display (AOD). Now a piece of evidence in the latest iOS 16 beta confirms the claim. It also shows how Apple might implement the technology.

An AOD allows a device to show limited information while the phone is asleep. Users can conveniently view time, recent notifications, and battery levels.

Always-On Display is found on almost all mid-range and premium Android devices. While the feature is not present on any iPhone, it is available on Apple Watch Series 5 and later. However, this could change soon as the iPhone 14 series is expected to support an always-on display, according to 9to5Mac.

Indeed, the publication claims to have found several references to the technology in the latest iOS 16 beta 4. “There’s even an internal mode that Apple uses to test always-on mode in iPhone 13,” Filipe Espósito wrote. 

So how will Apple implement the technology? 

Preparing iOS 16 Wallpapers for Always-on Display

Image credit: 9to5Mac

The 9to5Mac report reveals the always-on display behavior on the upcoming iPhone 14 Pro models might mimic the Apple Watches. 

The technology on the Apple Watch Series 5 and later enables a fainter and darker watch face until you tap the screen or raise your wrist. Similarly, the AOD on the iPhone 14 Pro should show a darker wallpaper version and restore full brightness when users tap the screen. 

After assessing the iOS beta 16’s internal files, 9to5Mac notes that the system wallpapers are ready for always-on display.

Rather than the static images, the wallpapers on iOS 16 beta are multi-layered vectors rendered in real-time. As a result, users can enjoy a “Sleep” state that still displays remnants of their wallpaper alongside other relevant information. 

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, only the iPhone 14 Pro models will get an AOD tied into the iOS 16 lock screen. In other words, you may have to pay a little more to access this feature.