iOS 6.0.1 Released. iPhone 5 Owners Need An Extra Step to Update

BY Tris Hussey

Published 1 Nov 2012

Fire up your General Settings folks! Apple just pushed out iOS 6.0.1 that is supposed to fix a host of issues. iPhone 5 owners, you have one extra step to install the update.

See updates below…

Mark Gurman over at 9to5Mac was quick on the draw and saw that iOS 6.0.1 is out. I’m installing it now on my iPad (3rd generation) and iPhone 4, just like normal (OTA normal), but my wife’s iPhone 5 needed an extra step because there is a bug in iOS 6.0 that prevents the iPhone 5 from doing OTA updates. Don’t worry, it’s really easy and really fast:

1. Check for updates as usual

2. Download and install the updater

3. Run the updater

4. Update as normal … it happens automatically.

Updating my wife’s iPhone 5, these little extra steps didn’t take long at all. The special updater is tiny and gets around the bug in iOS 6.0 that causes the problem in the first place.

Release notes:

Please find the iOS 6.0.1 release notes below:

This update contains improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • Fixes a bug that prevents iPhone 5 from installing software updates wirelessly over the air
  • Fixes a bug where horizontal lines may be displayed across the keyboard
  • Fixes an issue that could cause camera flash to not go off
  • Improves reliability of iPhone 5 and iPod touch (5th generation) when connected to encrypted WPA2 Wi-Fi networks
  • Resolves an issue that prevents iPhone from using the cellular network in some instances
  • Consolidated the Use Cellular Data switch for iTunes Match
  • Fixes a Passcode Lock bug which sometimes allowed access to Passbook pass details from lock screen
  • Fixes a bug affecting Exchange meetings

Direct Download links:

You can also download iOS 6.0.1 using the direct download links available in our iOS download pages:

As always, let us know how it goes in the comments.

Update: A reader asked via Twitter what happens to the helper app. The reader (and I confirmed on my wife’s phone) says once your device reboots the app is automagically removed:

Update 2: We now have info on how to jailbreak iOS 6.0.1.

Hat tip 9to5Mac!