iOS 7 tidbits: Text Size, Video Zoom, Banner Notifications and more

BY Jason

Published 13 Jun 2013

We continue to get information about interesting new features and changes in iOS 7, which was seeded to developers earlier in the week.

Here is a list of the new features and changes in iOS 7 for today:

Text Size:

Another cool feature is the ability to adjust the font size across apps. The feature currently works with apps that support Dynamic Type. So initially expect this feature to work with only stock iOS apps.


Dismiss Banner Notifications

You can now dismiss banner notifications by swiping up on them. You no longer have to use the weird method to dismiss them. (via reddit user devinclark)

Video Zoom:

You can finally zoom while recording a video in iOS 7. You can now pinch two fingers together to zoom out or spread them to zoom in while recording videos in iOS 7. (via reddit user khanfahad)

Redeem iTunes Gift Card

You can now redeem your iTunes gift card using your iPhone’s camera in iOS 7. This was spotted by folks at AppleFanSite.

According to AppleFanSite, you should also be able to redeem Starbucks app of the week cards using your iPhone’s camera, though it is not clear how it works.



Apple has finally improved the app switcher in iOS 7, which makes better use of the screen real estate. In iOS 7, when you press the Home button twice, it displays card-like screen previews (along with the logo of the app below it) of the apps you have open. You can swipe up on a card to quit the app. Now you probably already knew that. One small tidbit is that you can close not one but multiple apps with a swipe, which is quite neat.


Deleting Messages:

In iOS 7, there is a new way to delete messages. You need to tap and hold on the message you want to delete in a conversation, which reveals “Copy” and “More” options. Tapping on “More” selects the message. You can then tap on the trash can icon in the lower left corner to delete it. You can also delete all messages by tapping on Clear All in the top left corner. (via reddit user Ithinkiamjoseph)


Weather app

As you probably know, Apple has completely redesigned the weather app in iOS 7. It looks a lot like Yahoo’s weather app, but instead of showing you photos of the location from Flickr, the stock iOS 7 Weather app gives you visual representation of the current weather. Interestingly, reddit user khanfahad has noticed that if there are thunderstorms, it occasionally also shows lightning as you seen in the screenshot below, which we thought was a nice touch.


Bluetooth icon

In iOS 7, you will be able to easily figure out when a new Bluetooth device connects to your iOS device. reddit user cmsj has noticed that the Bluetooth icon in the status bar becomes enlarged when a Bluetooth device connects as you can see in the screenshot below.


Photo Stream and Screenshots

This is great news for bloggers. iOS 7 no longer uploads screenshots to Photo Stream. (via reddit user MacProClub)

That’s it for today. Let us know if you’ve found any other feature or changes which we haven’t covered so far.

Low on Battery

If your iOS device is low on battery, iOS will now display the following redesigned image. (Thanks Stan!)


That’s it for today. Thanks everyone for the tips. Please send us an email at [email protected] if you find any new features and changes that we haven’t covered so far.

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